Wednesday, July 12, 2006

NYC Music Snobs

I'm getting sick and tired of reading about new music only in New York City. Just because NYC has more people per square foot and more concerts per evening than any other place in the USA doesn't mean it should be written about any more often than, say, Branson, MO.

My friend and colleague, Professor Floozy McBoozy (a beautiful and talented lady composer), teaches composition and music theory at the University of Our Sacred Virgin in Wichita Falls, TX. She and her students are always putting on concerts for the other students to see. Why can't the New York Times' Music section be about Wichita Falls for a change? Why won't the Times music critic Anthony Tommasini come out to Rochester for one of my weekly Faculty Recitals at the Hotel Cadillac?

It's time to put a stop to NYC Music Snobbery! NYC may be the most populous city in the country, but massive amounts of people does not a New Music Centre make. Just ask composer Robert Moran whose piece For The People of New York City, originally scored for 100,000 musicians and citizens, had to be re-orchestrated for MIDI playback due to budget limitations. NYC may be the most culturally diverse city in the USA, but cultural diversity and classical music don't always mix. Just ask Mikel Rouse whose recent album, Music For Minorities, ironically sold more copies in Portland than anywhere else in the country.


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