Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Prof. McJeebie Goes Back to School

I am pleased to announce that in September I will begin my new-music education initiative by visiting local Rochester elementary schools and teaching children about the joy and fun of serious music.
As a first step, I have developed a new and innovative notation system that allows schoolchildren to play music on their TANDY computer keyboards. As you can see in the illustration, staff lines and spaces correspond to different ASCII keys. Each child is given a special floppy disk that contains all kinds of sine wave oscillators and Boolean (true or false) sounds.
Once the children learn to read music, I will ask them to notate a few of their own ideas. I will then take their ideas and flesh them out into fully formed musical expressions, creating a TANDY concerto for each child. We will then have a Concerto Competition, and the most musical students will get to perform my compositions at school assemblies all over Rochester.
It is very important for us to educate schoolchildren in the virtues of classical music. As a composer and Professor, I am not only a role model but also an experienced teacher who knows how to inspire future classical musicians through educational exercises and competitions. The inspiration will encourage these future classical musicians to make a place for serious music in their lives and the lives of all their friends and family.
This, dear readers, is why we must teach schoolchildren about classical music!


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