Friday, August 25, 2006

Prof. McJeebie - REJECTED!

Well, dear readers, alas I have again been rejected by the Aaron Copland Fund for Recording Digital Music. I am dismayed that the list of awardees includes such troubadour vagabonds as Anti-Social Music and Pat Muchmore (Both of those names sound as though they were given by gypsies, if you ask me!); sophomoric whippersnappers like Alarm Will Sound and Derek Bermel, both of whom are more suitable for halftime shows than concert halls; and composer Ken Ueno, who trained to write beer commercials at the Berklee College of Music. But then I suppose I shouldn’t be too critical of Ueno, who also studied with Harvard Professors Mario Davidovsky and Bernard Rands. After all, Ueno’s work has been recognized by the Fromm Music Foundation with a prestigious commissioning award made by a distinguished advisory committee of Harvard Professors.
There are a few disappointments, but I am for the most part satisfied with the list of awardees, which illustrates a noble intent to allow dead composers to keep living through new recordings of their music. A good number of the awarded living composers have already proven their music worthy of recording, with many CDs under their belts.
Speaking of what’s under their belts: to this Professor’s ears, masculine compositions have always sounded extraordinary on digital CDs, whereas feminine music is better suited for cassette tape. While a few women composers (possibly lesbians?) did manage to penetrate the list of awardees, it’s safe to say that digital recording will continue to serve those composers whose music it is most suited for.
In spite of my constant rejections, I am nevertheless determined to maintain the production of homemade recordings with my temperamental TANDYJAM - an external, slot-loading, touch-sensitive CD burner available at Radio Shack. What would the Copland Fund know about CD recordings, anyway? Certainly not as much as a Professor of Electronic Music! In fact, rumor has it that Mr. Copland himself did not particularly care for CDs. So maybe my rejection is a blessing in diguise.


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