Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Inspired by a Country Singer

First I should apologize for my extended absence from the blogosphere. I have been busy pontificating in my TANDY recording studio. My inspiration came from an unlikely source – the new four-album set from country-music star Vince Gill. Dr. Gill (He has an honorary doctorate from Oklahoma State University.) has wondered why his skills as a country-music composer are underappreciated by the general public. I can relate to his situation.

For many years I have struggled to get the public interested in modern computer compositions, not just as a general category of music, but with a focus on my own music in particular. As the TANDY Professor of Electronic Music at the Hotel Cadillac, I can attest that my compositions comprise the majority of the canon of historically accurate electronic music performances. Yet the average Joe (or Jane) is not interested in an education in academic electronic music.

Rather than attempt to gradually seduce the general public with one country song at a time, Dr. Gill’s four-album set commands listeners to spend almost three hours indulging his compositions. I have chosen to adopt a similar strategy of preemptive bombardment. For the last two weeks, I have been recording over six hours of my own personal canon. From my early works, “Punch Card Sonata” and “Synthetic Oscillations,” to my most recent opus, “Dialogue for Computer and Tape,” I have assembled a six-album set entitled TANDY Transcendence which will be released in limited edition in accordance with my teaching schedule.

Stay tuned for details.


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