Sunday, November 26, 2006

Reasons Young Composers Should Be Thankful This Holiday Season:

- I am about to complete the prototype for my TANDY Ring Modulator, a device that will transform simple-minded cell phone ring tones (as seen in hip-hop commercials) into unrecognizable, and quite nearly unanalyzable, contemporary études.

- My TANDY ASCII-Mate generated this list of 102 suggested musical compositions for Thanksgiving. As you can see, there's quite a lack of modern compositions in the Thanksgiving repertoire, which means this is an opportunity! Young composers, consider writing a Thanksgiving Cantata or a Thanksgiving Suite of Études combining the themes of American Indian music with European Sonata forms and/or an electronic "aural feast."

- The "trendy" and "cutting edge" internet production company YouTube Pictures will be producing a new film about the life of the reclusive, contentious composer Daphnée Kryostovnezskiy who composed only ONE piece of music which he then revised and rearranged over four hundred times throughout his short career. Due to rights issues, YouTube Pictures cannot use Kryostovnezskiy's music, so they are looking for a young composer willing to create new works in the style of Kryostovnezskiy.


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