Friday, December 08, 2006

Prof. McJeebie’s Private Grammys

Despite the shutdown of Tower Records, the Grammy Awards are still going strong with more than 500 nominees. Nevertheless, there are many artists who remain ignored. That's why, each year, I submit my own nominees in two additional categories:

Most Elaborately and Thoroughly Structured Computer Music Composition:

WigWam 40XXL by Casey Booner
Technological Retrogrades by EmmaLou Stephenson
Boolean Earthquakes by Kristov Wilhelm
Fractured Breakthroughs of Electromagnetic Frequencies by Kristin Islington
Sines of the Times by Gregory Peterson Paulson III

Most Rewarding Recording Upon Multiple Hearings:

Sonatinas of the Mind’s Ear by Fred Kohlberg
3’44” by “Funnyman” Calvin Kelvin
Concerto without a Soloist by Emily Hayes
Unanticipated Expectations by Franklin Arthur
Nebulous Enigmas by Sissy Williams
The winners will be announced by secret ballot via email.


Anonymous Prof. Saul Griffith, eminent music critic said...

Professor! How could you possibly have missed such eminent milestones as "Frühstück Erscheinungen" by Wilhelm Lachenmann, "Moderato ma non Troppo" by Lucia Francesconi, "Very Interesting Transformations" by Milton Spears, "Les Rêves du Dormeur" by Tristan Shandy or the deeply profound, fundamentally heartfelt and truly, essentially human message for these dark times of the "Concerto Somnambulante" by Christopher Douse? Do you have no respect whatsoever for the critical discipline?

Concernedly yours,

Prof. Saul Griffith,
very important music critic

7:06 PM  
Blogger Prof. Heebie McJeebie said...

Thank you, Prof. Griffith, for your concerned insight. Allow me to remind you, in case you were blinded and deafened by your own concern, that all of the works you mention were composed in 2005 or earlier, thus making them ineligible for this year's Grammy Awards.


Prof. Heebie McJeebie

2:45 PM  

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