Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Catchy Mantras with Belinda Reynolds

Thank you, readers, for your patience during this very difficult hiatus. I am happy to return to the blogosphere with more regular posts now that my legal battle with SoftBunnies&HardNannies VideoProductions has ended.*

Let me begin by saying that I have been thoroughly inspired by the woman-composer Belinda Reynolds, who blogs about music and education over at New Music Box. Reynolds believes that young people will learn to appreciate modern music by having mantras hurled repeatedly at them preceded by the words “Remember, children.”

Examples of some Reynolds mantras are “Remember, children: Dissonance is just consonance taken out of context,” and “Remember, children: If Popular Music is to be noteworthy, it must first be notated.”

These mantras are not only true, they are catchy! Surely children can appreciate the depth of these statements after they are entertained by their catchiness. Best wishes to Miss Reynolds as she continues the kind of music-education work best handled by women composers like herself.

*The court ruled in my favor, concluding that the company used computer-generated noises that sounded a lot like my music as its theme song. As some of you may know, SoftBunnies&HardNannies VideoProductions distributes snuff films, and I do not wish my music to be associated with the objectification of women! As part of the ruling in my favor, I will receive backroyalties from their sales.


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