Saturday, March 08, 2008

McJeebie in North Korea

I am pleased to announce that I will be taking my TANDY Virtual Orchestra to the needy citizens of North Korea, following in the footsteps of Maestro Loren Maazel and the New York Philharmonic. Thanks to a generous grant from the Universal Music Foundation, the communist aristocracy and corporate investors who oversee North Korea's slave trade will be exposed to the complexities of computer music. In many ways, a TANDY composer is like a communist dictator. The worker-computer submits to the will and the cultivated intellect of the composer, and the results benefit the entire human race. I will be composing a new piece entitled "Progressive Variations on a Proliferation Theme" on the special occasion of this North Korean concert.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i am sad that mcjeebie is no more.

i liked to read the heebie blog

i should have posted more comments.


1:48 PM  

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